Hello! I am so glad you're here.

I am Supriya and I like writing. I care about mental health and two of my friends think I'm funny.
I am sarcastic and I like breaking the fourth wall sometimes.

Read a few articles if you like :)


Healing is possible

"Your trauma makes you stronger" is such a bullshit narrative. No, most of the times it doesn't. It gives you unpleasant memories and...

I'm begging you to be political!

Since a few months I've been hearing, "What's the point?" "We can't really do anything." "News bores me." I agree that most people in...

The fear of Uncertainty

Everything I've ever done, every decision I've ever made in life has been pretty black or white for me. For the first time in my life,...

What does the ghost in my room think?

I wonder if there’s a ghost in my room that has witnessed my vulnerable moments. Every time I get anxious, cry, dance like a maniac,...

How journaling can help your mental health

You must be thinking "who is this girl trying to tell me to do?" For that, I have only one thing to say "please don't be mean, I'll cry"...

How to not feel like an Imposter

I am sorry if you clicked on this article thinking that it was about 'Among us'. It is about a very real phenomenon that makes you feel...



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