• Supriya Mukherjee

How to not feel like an Imposter

I am sorry if you clicked on this article thinking that it was about 'Among us'. It is about a very real phenomenon that makes you feel like shit about yourself.

You guessed it right, the Imposter Syndrome(I mean, I did mention it in the title)

What is the Imposter Syndrome? Chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success.

I started feeling like an Imposter right after I started achieving little victories. For example; good grades, winning extra curricular competitions, getting into a great college, leading a team for the betterment of the society or even landing a great job at the age of 20.

It is the evident self doubt and lack of self belief that causes our brain to think that we don't deserve whatever we achieve.

Here are a few things that helped me overcome the fear of inevitable exposure:

1) Stop negative self talk - This is a no brainer. Stop blaming yourself for the things that are not under your control. Also, even if you screwed up, give yourself a break and try and write down what you can improve.

2) Forgive yourself - Think about it this way, if you're mad at your spouse and never forgive them, will you be able to live with them forever? I mean, you can divorce your spouse but I have bad news, you'll have to live with yourself for as long as you're alive. Forgiving yourself is one of the main steps towards growth and we love character development, don't we?

3) Remind yourself about your strenghts - Look at your LinkedIn recommendations, talk to your supportive friends, look back at your achievements and remember how hard you worked for everything.

4) Improve - "Fake it till you make it" might sound great in theory but self confidence increases when you work towards a better you. You can start taking online classes for the things you are passionate about. Learn about the industry you work for. Subscribe to other creators who can motivate you.

Now, ofcourse, it is easier said than done but habits are formed by practising everyday. Maybe, keep a journal about your feelings and your progress towards self belief.

I hope this helped atleast one person reading this. If it didn't then, well, I guess I am an Imposter?

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