• Supriya Mukherjee

I'm begging you to be political!

Since a few months I've been hearing, "What's the point?" "We can't really do anything." "News bores me."

I agree that most people in their 20s aren't bureaucrats/politicians and don't have a direct impact in the country's governance. But why is direct impact so important? A country where 65% of the population is filled with (somewhat logical)young adults, an indirect political impact can be so intense and powerful.

Here are a few things you can do for indirect political impact:

  • Vote - The obvious first step for any democracy, Voting. If you don't have a voter's id, please get it made before the elections in your region. Yes, you might have to stand in the sun for a long time, but this very important step can define the future of your country. I think a light tan is worth it, trust me.

  • Be informed - This is also a no brainer. Information sorry, accurate information in a democratic government is the most useful weapon for its citizens. Even if it bores you, please try to be aware of the shit show happening in different parts in your country. At least try to read the news in your state. Also, please double check your sources.

  • Emote - If all the news you swallowed is depressing, then great, get sad, get angry. Just remember that these huge politicians are shit scared of your anger(as they should be)

  • Talk to your parents about politics - Yikes, dreadful but necessary. Try and understand where they are coming from, if that does not seem logical to you, maybe explain your opinions/concerns about the future of the country. Our parents(mostly) have a very one sided view about what's happening because of their selective exposure to the media. This discussion will probably not help(there might be fights, speaking from personal experience) but it is your responsibility to inform the uninformed.

  • Check your privilege - It's great that you have almost everything you need to survive, I'm not hating on that. Just be aware that you do. Yes, most policies might not affect you at all(directly or indirectly) but that doesn't mean you can't help the people who probably won't be able to survive without those policies. People are dying, all we need to do is, never forget.

'The future of this country is in your hands.' This sentence is not cliched, it is a fact. Please be political.

Cover image credit - The Hindu

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